Forwarding & Customs Brokerage

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Forwarding & Customs Brokerage

We understand supply chain challenges and deliver Customized Solutions that ensure your transactions are timely, compliant and confidential.

Your truly one-stop center for a stress-free import and export program. Our services for the clearance of your cargo consist of:


We have qualified and experienced customer service crews located in Port Klang, Penang, Kuantan and Johor ensuring personalized gold-star services to all our client. Our team is fully capable to:

Custom Brokerage

We are an official licensed customs agency fully committed and capable of handling clearance of cargo with our own operation team:

at each port without depending on any 3rd party clearance agent.

Documentation and Certification

Vast experience in representing our clients on preparation of full shipping documentation on behalf of shipper such as:

Our Work Benefits

Are there any difference between the types of services on forwarding by your company?

Indeed there’s a lot of company that is providing forwarding services however our company’s services can be differentiated among others as Greenpen is the licensed custom clearance agent (and not via third party), we have an experience customer service team and on-site operation team located in Penang, Johor, Port Klang, and Kuantan.

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