Haulage and Trucking

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Haulage and Trucking

We had assisted customers with import and export haulage to more than 270 locations nationwide.

Collaboration with more than 100 haulage and transporter service provider who we had vetted through their capacity, performance, and quality.

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We have provide a comprehensive goods transportation between East and West Malaysia. All-in service managed and coordinated by us:

  • Haulage service to collect shipment from Shipper and delivery to Port
  • Competitive sea freight to the nearest port
  • Forwarding and Customs Clearance at both port of origin and destination
  • Inland transportation delivery of shipment to the Consignee

Do you have goods to truck to Singapore? Our cross-border service covers:

  • Pickup at your door in full load (FTL) or partial load (LTL)
  • Delivery to the transit warehouse
  • Customs and border clearance at Johor
  • Daily consolidation and delivery-to-door in Singapore

Our cross-border scope of service is customized for your B2B or B2C needs.

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